Community Wealth Building Center
#ParcelToProsperity Crowdfunding Campaign Perks

Pricing and Costs of Perks from the IWN.Haus #ParcelToProsperity Crowdfunding Campaign

Here is a layman summary explaining product pricing in understandable terms for campaign contribution perks:

The #ParcelToProsperity Perks pricing system works like this:

Each item has two main costs:

  1. Wholesale Cost: What it directly costs us to produce an item via print-on-demand. For example, the wholesale cost to produce a single 15oz Black Glossy Mug is $9.95.
  2. Retail Cost: This is the full price that campaign contributors pay for the item. For that 15oz Black Glossy Mug it is $39.80.

The difference between those two prices is the amount that goes to benefiting our crowdfunding campaign.

So when someone pays the full $39.80 Retail Cost for the 15oz mug, our #ParcelToProsperity campaign fund receives the remaining $29.85 after subtracting the $9.95 base production charge.

This exists across all items allowing the campaign itself to receive the surplus amount beyond covering direct fulfillment expenses.

In this manner, purchasing goods weighted towards the project acts as a creative fundraising vehicle allowing regular consumers to contribute towards purchasing the vacant lot and constructing the community wealth building center.

IWN.Haus #ParcelToProsperity Our Transparent Pricing

To see this in action, click the above graphic and then scroll down the product page and click on the tab “Our Transparent Pricing” and see it for yourself.



Product (Perk)Wholesale CostRetail CostAmount Contributed to Campaign
Black Glossy Mug
Black Glossy Mug - 11 oz #409$8.95$35.80$26.85
Black Glossy Mug - 15 oz #410$9.95$39.80$29.85
Standard Postcard #919$1.50$15$13.50
Unisex Hoodie - Black
Unisex Hoodie - Black / S #470$39.84$176$136.16
Unisex Hoodie - Black / M #471$39.84$176$136.16
Unisex Hoodie - Black / L #472$39.84$176$136.16
Unisex Hoodie - Black / XL #473$39.84$176$136.16
Unisex Hoodie - Black / 2X #474$41.84$186$144.16
Unisex Hoodie - Black / 3X #475$43.84$194$150.16
Unisex Hoodie - Forest Green
Unisex Hoodie - Forest Green / S #476$39.84$176$136.16
Unisex Hoodie - Forest Green / M #477$39.84$176$136.16
Unisex Hoodie - Forest Green / L #478$39.84$176$136.16
Unisex Hoodie - Forest Green / XL #479$39.84$176$136.16
Unisex Hoodie - Forest Green / 2X #480$41.84$186$144.16
Unisex Hoodie - Forest Green / 3X #481$43.84$194$150.16
Spiral Notebook #464$11.95$36$24
Backpack #458$33.95$99$65
Laptop Sleeve
Laptop Sleeve - 13 in #454$17.9572.95$55
Laptop Sleeve - 15 in #455$19.95$74.95$55
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