Community Wealth Building Center

Rooftop Penthouse - Level 04

IWN.Haus Club

Connections Bloom at the IWN.Haus Club

Discover Our Rooftop Penthouse
IWN.Haus Club Rooftop Penthouse
Scale to the top of IWN.Haus and discover the IWN.Haus Club, an oasis designed to nurture meaningful connections under the open sky.

The expansive rooftop deck provides a welcoming respite to strengthen bonds between entrepreneurs, creators, and the community.

This vibrant hub will be spearheaded by an on-site worker cooperative owned by area residents. Their stewardship will ensure the space remains inclusive and accessible.
IWN.Haus Club Logo
Against the gleaming cityscape, conversations flow freely over shared meals at the umbrella tables. Collaborations are spawned lounging on the plush sofas.

Laughter abounds at the lively bar where members toast their collective achievements. And live music inspires dancing under the stars.

On the rooftop, people from all walks of life find common ground. Lasting relationships blossom, carrying dreams forward. An inclusive space for all, this is the IWN.Haus Club at its finest.

Up top, the only limit is imagination. Minds expand, creativity sparks, and bright futures unfold thanks to new allies that feel like family. What connections will you make?
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IWN.Haus Building Concept by Edmund Dantés Hamilton