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Dream Big On Floor Two

The second floor opens minds, fuels ideas, and breathes life into business goals once thought lofty.
Entrepreneurs E-Commerce Academy and IWN.Haus Spaces + Gallery
Located on the 2nd floor of IWN.Haus lies the Entrepreneurs E-Commerce Academy (IWNE2CA), a specialized hub for aspiring founders.

Within accelerator bootcamps, entrepreneurs gain skills to excel in ecommerce, from digital marketing tactics to leveraging social platforms. In startup incubators, fledgling ventures develop into thriving businesses.
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Through customized coaching, members create brands that solve real needs. Whether starting an online bakery or launching a web design studio, the IWNE2CA propels community entrepreneurs to new heights.

At IWN.Haus, there are no limits, only potential waiting to be unlocked. IWNE2CA provides the guidance and community to turn dreams into reality.
IWN.Haus Spaces Gallery + Events
Venture up to the second level of IWN.Haus and prepare to dream bigger. This floor uplifts entrepreneurs through spaces designed to empower personal growth and professional development.

Flexible conference rooms become vibrant workshops where seasoned founders share stories and impart wisdom. Specialized studios help entrepreneurs elevate their personal brands through content creation.

The Expansive IWN.Haus Spaces Gallery + Events space will be spearheaded by an on-site worker cooperative. This resident-owned group will ensure the venue remains accessible for community workshops, presentations, and celebrations.

At IWN.Haus, progress starts from within. Surrounded by a supportive community, entrepreneurs gain the confidence to believe in themselves and their unlimited potential.

The second floor opens minds, fuels ideas, and breathes life into business goals once thought lofty. Here, no dream is out of reach. What will you create?
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