Community Wealth Building Center


Basement - Level 00

IWN Headquarters: Where Innovation Meets Excellence.

First Floor - Level 01

Personalized Print Power:
Home of My DTC Catalog™ - Personalized Direct-Mail Catalogs for Black-Owned DTC Brands

Second Floor - Level 02

Dream Big On Floor Two.
The second floor opens minds, fuels ideas, and breathes life into business goals once thought lofty.

Third Floor - Level 03

Create Fearlessly on Floor Three.
The Journalist & Content Creator Coworking Center is Where Risks are Taken.

Rooftop Penthouse - Level 04

Connections Bloom at the IWN.Haus Club.
Discover our Rooftop Penthouse.

First Floor - Level 01

My DTC Catalog™

Personalized Print Power

Home of My DTC Catalog™, Inc. Home of My DTC Catalog
Located on the 1st floor lies, Inc., housing advanced printing equipment including industrial presses and finishing systems.

This minority-owned startup founded by industry veteran Danté Hamilton provides a platform for direct-to-consumer brands to design and print fully customizable marketing catalogs tailored to each customer.
My DTC Catalog Logo
By integrating website data to personalize messaging, enables companies to cut through digital noise and forge genuine connections with print.

At IWN.Haus, leverages emerging technologies to equip businesses with the tools to grow using targeted print strategies proven to drive real results. Discover the potential of print.
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