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#ParcelToProsperity Vacant Land Map

Parcels of Possibility? Scouting Potential Sites for IWN.Haus

As the seeds for IWN.Haus’ ambitious #ParcelToProsperity campaign real estate vision take root, we spotlight two auspicious vacant land parcels displaying the promise and potential symbolic of our mission…

Extending 15,395 square feet at the high visibility intersection of two major Chicago thoroughfares, the first vacant lot beckons reimagining. Its prime mixed-use DS-5 zoning allows for assorted commercial or residential development activations should resources permit. Examples span retail, multifamily housing w/ground level storefronts, and more.

Such flexibility remains essential given this tract sits nestled between two large-scale public works showcasing the South Loop’s 21st century revival. To the immediate south stands the sprawling new home rising for National Teachers Academy elementary, while several blocks north construction hums on “the 78” – Chicago’s emerging 62-acre riverfront neighborhood slated to host premier corporate campuses.

The parcel’s boundary lines may lie now vacant, but one can quickly envision the vibrant vision taking shape on this underutilized city acreage…

A few miles southeast, the second property presents 13,632 square feet of possibility bordered by fencing along historic Motor Row. Its Opportunity Zone designation extending through 2028 unlocks added incentives for parties dedicated to revitalizing the area through investment not easily accomplished by small entities alone but made possible when collectivized.

Already this formerly downtrodden district flourishes thanks to bold first-actors. Boutique hotels, micro-retail, loft residences and operating businesses prove pioneering placemaking delivers dividends over time. But much work awaits. Surrounding structures stand awaiting similar restorative treatment, offering no shortage of case studies revealing dedication to community yields returns beyond balance sheets – when given the supply of imagination meeting demand.

Of course, imaginations first require awakening. Creative calls to action cannot compose change alone. Instead progress unfolds gradually, note by note, brick by brick, slowly transforming city blocks measure by measure – the symphony of community orchestrated through patience and partnership pursuing prosperity more inclusive for all who call this neighborhood home.

And so the overture commences…

What notes will you contribute to the rising chorus of collective possibility? Only by banding together do visions vacate voids. Our gifts get magnified greater than the sum of our singular strengths. Where one cannot, we ring resilient. When barriers obstruct, obligations open fresh opportunities. The impossible simply takes a bit longer. Because united in purpose, no parcel stays vacant indefinitely.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! And view the merch shop if feeling inspired to actively advance equitable development through counter-cultural commerce! Onward!

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