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IWN.Haus #ParcelToProsperity Black Glossy Mug

More Than a Mug: How Merch Advance Our Mission

IWN.Haus Black Glossy Mug

IWN.Haus Black Glossy Mug

At first glance, the $30 price tag on our signature logo mugs may cause sticker shock. But look closer and you’ll discover more underlying each purchase beyond ceramic and clay.

Far from arbitrary markups, these crowdfunding merchandise items operate akin to traditional fundraising tools. By generating proceeds exceeding production costs, branded swag fuels the campaign and builds community.

Manufacturing an 11 oz. mug requires around $9 when ordering single units. We retail them at $30. So what accounts for the $21 margin?

First, roughly $20 goes directly towards securing the land parcel purchase as part of our Phase 1 fundraising. This allocation empowers the public acquisition of a permanent central plot upon which the full vision can rise over time. Even a solo mug nudges the dream forward inch by inch.

The remaining dollar handles tax, credit card processing fees, labor, and fulfillment expenses associated with online store operations and order logistics. None of the surplus pads personal profits. After covering those transparent operational costs, contributions flow fully into the communal funding bucket.

In this context, purchasing IWN.Haus merchandise takes on deeper dimension beyond sporting swag or repping the brand for sheer fandom. Each apparel item elevates collective potential. Seen through this lens, what once seemed overpriced gets reappraised as priceless given profit purpose.

Beyond budget lines, merch continues building community during waits between milestones. Receiving gear elicits excitement and sparks conversations around the vision. Strangers spot t-shirts and ask what IWN.Haus represents. Awareness spreads organically with each sighting, embedding the branding deeper across more minds.

Even if never used for drinking java, proudly displayed mugs manifest possibilities. They signal faith in the promise when faith wavers during long campaigns. Trinkets transmit resolve, reminding us why we united despite odds stacked against this dream taking form.

Merch is merely a means, yes. But the means manifest ends through consistent visibility, continuous contribution, and community bonding–one t-shirt, tweet, and talk at a time.

What once seemed a high sticker price gets reappraised in light of the lives touched by dollars that ripple outward upon landing in the collective till.

Beyond mugs, this movement thrives thanks to merged mission-aligned economics, ethics and energy. That’s why we say consensus Comm-unity where “me” gets replaced fully by “we.”

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