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IWN.Haus Club Open Air Rooftop Lounge 1 #ParcelToProsperity

Internet Webpages Newspaper’s Founder and CEO Launches Ambitious Fundraiser to Manifest Stunning Community Wealth Building Center

Edmund Danté Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Internet Webpages Newspaper, Inc

Edmund Danté Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Internet Webpages Newspaper, Inc

Born and raised in Cleveland public housing, entrepreneur Edmund Danté Hamilton knows firsthand the power community spaces can wield in uplifting lives when resources meet imagination.

Incubated by possibility after childhood experiences at the Garden Valley Neighborhood House Center, Hamilton formulated an audacious vision to pay forward this enrichment through an unprecedented development named IWN.Haus (pronounced “I-W-N House”).

Now, after years crafting the concept, Hamilton is unveiling plans and renderings while launching an ambitious 2-year public crowdfunding effort to finance land acquisition and construction of this one-of-a-kind complex on Chicago’s South Side.

Centered on pillars of resident leadership and collective ownership, IWN.Haus holds the promise to shift power and opportunity back into the hands of low-income residents.

Read on to discover Hamilton’s vision for this imaginative wealth building catalyst and how he aims to harness grassroots momentum to manifest reality from plans still bound to page.

The Genesis Story

Reflecting on the role models and experiences that illuminated his entrepreneurial journey, one space holds special meaning for Hamilton – the Garden Valley Neighborhood House Community Center.

IWN Haus Inspired by Garden Valley Neighborhood House Cleveland, Ohio 44104

Attending field trips, honing pool shark skills in the rec room, and gaining inspiration from community leaders all happened beneath this unassuming roof in one of Cleveland’s poorest neighborhoods.

“I remember the first time I designed their logo and helped print brochures, thrilled to give back to an organization that gave me so much,” recalls Hamilton.

The impressions cultivated in those hallways planted seeds for his life’s work of using business as an instrument to enrich community.

Now in Chicago, Hamilton sees the opportunity to write a new chapter – one amplifying the reach by creating a permanent hub elevating generations to come through asset ownership.

The result of this vision? The IWN.Haus concept now brought to vivid life through architectural plans and an interactive 3D model offering a glimpse into majestic halls still confined to imagination – for now.

The IWN.Haus Vision

Spanning a jaw-dropping 21,000 square feet over 5-stories in a currently undetermined Opportunity Zone neighborhood, IWN.Haus promises expansive potential.

The nucleus lies inside state-of-the-art media production facilities, including video suites, podcast booths, editing bays, and more. Surrounding these powers is the beating heart– professional development programming tailored to cultivate skills and launch careers.

“We envision space teeming with creators, influencers, journalists, and bloggers unlocking economic mobility through next generation skills fused with community collaboration,” shares Hamilton.

Adjacent, lie envisioned coworking suites, ecommerce and web developer training facilities and a destination-worthy event gallery.

The pinnacle, quite literally, manifests in a sprawling rooftop oasis crowned by panoramic Chicago skyline views.

IWN.Haus Club Open Air Rooftop Lounge 1 #ParcelToProsperity

The rooftop, similar to the 2nd floor event venue, will remain under the stewardship of an on-site worker cooperative with residents at the wheel. The model grants community members agency over public gatherings and ensures accessibility.

“Instead of outside corporations enriching themselves off residents, projects like this allow communities to shape offerings best serving their interests,” Hamilton notes.

The crowning jewel in the eyes of Hamilton lies the vision not plastered on blueprints – the vision of breaking cycles for those growing up on Chicago’s South and West sides lacking access or exposure to owning the valuable assets at the core of building wealth.

The Possibility New Models Rewrite Stories IWN.Haus #ParcelToProsperity

“IWN.Haus completely flips the script on what’s possible by uniting three generations to pass the baton onto the next, except this time, the baton represents securing our collective legacy through ownership,” declares Hamilton.

The Journey to Reality Requires a Parcel of Prosperity

In an ideal world, demolition crews would break ground tomorrow.

Yet manifesting a project of this scale requires a Herculean effort merged with patience.

By leading with passion for the mission, Hamilton wishes to ignite the collective imagination of everyday people also believing in what could be.

Harnessing the momentum of many small acts of faith combining into an unstoppable force represents step one.

Enter the IWN.Haus 2-year community fundraising campaign deemed the “#ParcelToProsperity”.

Geared to attract wide participation, the campaign incorporates donation tiers beginning as low as $10.

Wealth building often seen through an individualistic lens now gets reframed as a collective undertaking with the village builder mentality.

“The tools exist for communities historically excluded to take the lead if we are willing to think beyond constraints of traditional systems and co-author new rules,” professes Hamilton.

By pooling $7.5 – $10 million from many coins dropping in the village fountain, early estimates place enough capital to purchase land and break ground as soon as 2026.

IWNE2CA Spaces Gallery + Events Level 02 (03) IWN.Haus Floor Plans - Go.IWN.Haus

Turning the Lens Inward

Reflecting on his own journey, Hamilton notes the focus of long concentrated opportunity into the hands of a privileged few.

“Generations of disinvestment compounded by urban renewal policies concentrating poverty made accessing tools to participate in legitimate wealth almost impossible,” recounts Hamilton.

“In fairness, without exposure or mentorship on how wealth gets built, the allure of harmful short term schemes become tempting if not the only perceived choice.”

According to Hamilton, solutions start when perspectives get expanded to see the positives already surrounding communities.

“Despite every obstacle, creativity always finds a way to bloom and innovation always emerges, often ahead of the curve.”

Driven by this mindset, Hamilton points to national brands founded by former government housing residents.

Few know Caryn Elaine Johnson, who became Whoopi Goldberg. She spent 19 years on the sixth floor of the Chelsea Houses, NY. Or that singer Elvis Presley grew up in public housing in Memphis.”

By spotlighting what becomes possible by investing in people’s potential, Hamilton aspires to shift narratives.

“IWN.Haus will rise as a shining proof point of what unfolds by acknowledging communities already hold the gifts and genius to thrive if connected to opportunity.”

Activating The Vision

Hamilton implores all captivated by the vision of IWN.Haus and breaking new ground on how communities build futures to contribute.

Lofty pursuits require marshaling many around a shared ambition. Whether through donating, volunteering skills, or spreading the word, Hamilton welcomes one and all moved to participate.

When the capital reaches critical mass achieving liftoff velocity, he plans to engage co-creators in bringing the vision to reality.

Interactive design quests empower participants to shape interiors. Competitions leading teams to define amenity naming. Even crowdsourced construction decisions promise to turn this endeavor participatory.

“The work lies not in any singular action, but the compound interest created when we each add our unique drop into the well of inspiration,” remarks Hamilton.

United by common purpose and emboldened by past progenitors paving the way, Hamilton concludes with an irresistible call to action:

“Imagine the impact when this sleeping giant – shadowed ingenuity – gets awakened into its brilliance. IWN.Haus promises that revelation.”

Those compelled can visit Go.IWN.Haus/crowdfunding-campaign/ to contribute and learn more while connecting by emailing Founder Edmund Danté Hamilton directly at Dante@IWN.Haus.

The time for talking fades so the time for manifesting awaits. Destiny knocks the door. Will we answer the call?

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