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Beyond One: Inside the Four Phase Plan #ParcelToProsperity

The multi-phase blueprint involves sequentially constructing:

  1. Phase I – Establishes an inclusive skills/small business incubator hub
  2. Phase II – Provides affordable transitional entrepreneur housing
  3. Phase III – Offers flexible commercial warehouse space catering to growth
  4. Phase IV – Creates resident village compound facilitating generational security

Each infrastructure layer intentionally builds towards the ultimate manifestation of a self-contained, cooperatively-governed entrepreneur ecosystem permeating the full process – from discovery to incubation to acceleration to generational continuity.


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Part I

The first phase establishes an inclusive hub offering technology skills training, small business incubation programming plus event hosting spaces governed partly by residents to build community assets while providing pathways countering displacement.


Part II

Next, providing affordable transitional entrepreneur housing reduces risks from pursuing ventures full-time without stable incomes by covering essential needs.

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Part III

The third phase furnishes a logistics facility and warehousing assistance for enterprises graduating initial incubator but requiring support scaling inventory/shipping operations to meet growth not yet sustaining such expenditures solo.


Part IV

Finally, a cooperatively-designed residential village would preserve generational access to ownership opportunities within the community instead of gentrification displacing families when markets shift.

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