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About IWN.Haus

Rising 5 stories in the heart of Chicago's south side is a plan to erect IWN.Haus, an innovative hub fostering entrepreneurial success and community prosperity.

At the core of IWN.Haus' vision is a commitment to community wealth building models, which will empower local residents through inclusive ownership and participatory decision-making.

The development intends to go beyond traditional corporate structures by incorporating elements like:

  • A worker cooperative spearheaded by area residents which will manage operations of the IWN.Haus Gallery + Events and IWN.Haus Club

  • Spaces set aside for other locally-owned worker cooperatives to lease at affordable rates

  • Inviting community members to have a financial stake in the project via a community investment vehicle

  • Democratic governance structures that give neighborhood residents an active role in shaping IWN.Haus offerings to meet community needs and priorities

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